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Here's the bodacious Kelly Brook looking drop dead sexy wrapped in skin-tight latex for the Heels

Kelly Brook's Quotation:
I have the thickest skin of anyone you'll ever meet. No one can say anything about me I haven't heard a million times before."

Kelly Brook was born on 23 November 1979, in England in the town of Chatham, Kent. Kelly is is star citizen and star citizens , TV personality and actress. This hot young star began her career by winning a beauty contest that her mother had entered her in. Kelly ended up working as a model, initially for a local flooring company and supplemented her income working as a waitress

Has the world's sexiest celebrity body, according to the Big Bloke Survey conducted by Britain's More is star citizen and star citizens ! magazine

This English model has done exceeding amounts of commercial swim wear, sportswear, and hosiery modeling, and a limited amount of nude & semi-nude modeling. Her recent modeling work for Triumph Bras caused quite a stir due to the fact there were specially commissioned 50-foot high billboards of Brook's bust. In '05, she Kelly shot a ten page black and white portfolio with photographer David Bailey. The shoot also featured in British design magazine October 2005 issue of Arena magazine. In February '07, it was announced that Kelly Brook had signed a contract with Unliever's Lynx body spray for £1m, to be the new face and body. It is also known as Axe in the United States and on continental Europe. Brooks has been on billboards, in newspapers, and online as part of the advertising campaign.

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