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Melissa Haro in Lingerie for US

As a girl Melissa Haro, competed in beauty pageants around her San Jose, Calif., home before entering the Elite Model Look competition in Africa at age 15. Following high school graduation, Melissa began working full-time as a model and was featured in campaigns for Guess, Anti-Flirt and Eres. An animal lover, she hopes to open a chain of affordable veterinary hospitals one day. This is Melissa's second Swimsuit appearance.

An American model, Melissa Haro earned fame by posing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has represented brands such as Guess, Bebe and Jessica McClintock. She was a model contestant on the first season of Project Runway in 2004 and made it to the final three contestants. Melissa Rose Haro is an American model who appeared in the 2008 & 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.Her photo shoot was set in the Cayman Islands during the Pirate Week festival and included many photos in keeping with its motif.

Haro, who was born on San Jose's east side, graduated a year early from James Lick High School in 2004 and now lives in Fremont, California near her parents Linda and Dennis Haro. Being a native of the California's San Francisco Bay Area, she is an Oakland Raiders fan and enjoyed shooting in the Cayman Islands during the Pirate Week festival with an all-black suit and boots beneath the skull and bones in keeping with the pirate motif. Haro was joined in the shoot by Seattle's Seafair Pirates who were in full uniform including their tricorn hats.

Date of birth September 5, 1988 (1988-09-05)
Place of birth San Jose, California United States
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Hair color Naturally Light Brown
Eye color Brown
Measurements 33-28-36 (US); 84-63.5-91.5 (EU)
Dress size (US) 8 ; (EU) 36
Shoe size (US) 7 ; (EU) 39

"I love a man who can cook. If they can do any Italian dishes that would be amazing. I love spaghetti, and throw some man-made meatballs in. I'm ready for it."
- Melissa Haro


mas doyok said...

wah mantap nih fotonya wkakka :D

Aneuk Nanggroe said...

OW... cuci mata.!!

xander said...

great sexy picture

Barrier Island Girl said...

Okay, now I feel totally inferior! :-)


El Chele said...

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kenwooi said...

wow nice.. =)

Free Tips said...

o-ow, ada istriku, nanti aja liat lagi (istriku alergi nih kalo aku liat beginian) padahal aku suka, he3x. becanda lho.

kenwooi said...

sweet =)

Anonymous said...

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