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Rich And Famous Personalities

This quotation was mention on the Spiderman movie. Though we are not the same with Spiderman and there’s no such thing as Spiderman, the power being depicted in the movie is that everyone possesses a certain responsibility. Just like what had happened to Paris Hilton. Though she was already release recently, because of her being rich and famous she also possess a great power. Her power did stir a bit the law on the road because was given special treatment. Though it lasted only for a short period of time, it is obvious that she was given special treatment.

Her power of being rich and famous is also accompanied by great responsibilities. Since she is famous, all the individuals below her are looking up to her. That in every simple mistake could trigger into a bigger issue because of the connectivity of the thing within her.
Rich and famous and the poorest of the poor have the same problem regarding on how we live on this precious earth. The intensity of effects on both is also the same, but it differs from the nature of the problem. It’s not only Paris Hilton, but for all the rich and famous personalities are experiencing the same, the burden that makes every people suffers. For the rich people, it may come up that the problem is simple, but to the poor, is already a big deal especially if it talks a lot of money to get into it.

Another obvious difference on both the rich and famous and the poorest of the poor is the treatment they both receive on their environment. Just like Paris Hilton that had been given special treatment, but since she was being seen especially the media people who are too hungry to spot an event, the special treatment was exposed immediately. If the accused is a poor individual, there’s no such special treatment to be done.

Though it’s not the fault of Paris being rich and famous, she should be aware of the things around her. The media people are wide awake watching her every move. The incident was broadcasted worldwide, on TV News, Radio and the virtual community – the internet.

There also individuals that because of being rich they become famous. Though not all of them treated the people around as servants, some of them do. Since these people (the servants) rely most of the time to these rich and famous personalities, they (the servants) should be treated in a way that they are also humans striving to earn a decent living. Every servant is doing their jobs anyway. Thus, the treatment should not be animalistic, imposing harmful words or even physical abuse is no longer a humane action.

Again, these rich and famous personalities should not be given different treatment because they are already enjoying their lives compared to the individuals in the low rank profile.

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