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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

This statement has helped me see everything differently. I've come to know it as being born into this world with the potential and ability to be and do anything. We are the highest order of creation by God. But because of the environment in which we live, we're fashioned to be average. It's taught, whether on purpose or because of ignorance, that being something great is far fetched and that it's something beyond our reach. Rather than teaching us that greatness is a requirement and we have everything already inside of us to accomplish anything.

Instead of showing us that we have limitless possibilities, invisible boundaries are erected and only a few ever break free. Because we live in a society that accepts mediocrity and doesn't challenge us to be our best, we are indoctrinated to believe that we can't change our lives. Our parents, only doing what their parents did, tell us we can't do things because no one's ever done it or we're not smart enough. I don't know why we tend to embrace our limitations rather than explore our possibilities. This society makes us comfortable being average and constantly makes it plusher so that we won't try to do more. It's time to shatter the glass ceiling and reach for bigger and greater things.

We need to understand that our dreams and goals are attainable. The only one that can stop anybody is themselves. We are our own hindrance. Once we believe that it can be done, we can't be stopped. You must have faith in whatever you want and it will manifest. Seeing isn't believing. Believing is seeing. You must have a vision before it becomes reality. You don't have to accept what life brings you. Take control of your destiny and live your dream

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